Foods & Beverages
Jubilee Group specializes in Supply Chain Management of Agri Food Commodities such as Rice, Sugar, Pulses, Spices, Saffron and other exotic Products.

With our vast network of overseas offices and a strong network of suppliers our valued customers enjoy benefits of constant and regular prices, shipment and best quality of food products from us.

Jubilee Group focuses on maintaining healthy relationships and creating value for our customers (both buyers and sellers).We ensure great products, great taste and great health at the most affordable price.

Our product range in Foods :
With the exact combination of quality, service and price given by our company we aim to be your long lasting dry fruit supplier from Iran and other parts of the world. Once you decide to place your order with JUBILEE GROUP the rest will be executed professionally by us.  

Pistachio: Pista in shell & Kernel

We are prominent suppliers of TSP to India and Gulf countries.

The TSP is a kind of high-concentrated water soluble phosphate-based fertilizer. Its essential components are soluble monocalcium phosphate [(H2PO4)2•H2O] with good efficiency for improvement of soil conditions. We supply TSP both in powder & granular form.
Cashew Nuts

The Raw Cashew Nuts that we provide to our clients are highly appreciated by them for their rich taste. We provide Whole Raw Cashew Nuts sourced from India that are uniform in shape and size and without any broken parts.

We are counted among the eminent Dried Cashew Nuts Suppliers and Exporters in the country.
Dry Dates

Urea is usually available in a white, crystalline, organic form. It is a highly concentrated nitrogenous fertilizer and fairly hygroscopic. It is highly soluble in water and therefore, subject to rapid leaching. It is, however, quick-acting and produces quick results. When applied to the soil, its nitrogen is rapidly changed into ammonia.

We supply urea in granular and pellet forms.

We are one of the renowned Almonds Importers, based in India. A number of countries that produce finest Almonds are exporting to us. We offer to our customers, natural Almonds that are well recognized in the markets for their purity and freshness and feature optimum combination of vitamin B, proteins, iron, copper and phosphorous. A very useful dry fruit to cure various diseases like impotency, constipation, anemia & skin related problems, Almonds can be well utilized in a number of ways in various food items for adding in them a delicious taste value.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • No added preservatives
  • 100% Natural
  • No impurities

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