Mission Statement
To deliver an exceptional level of service to the airlines we represent, our clients and customers.

Company Goal
To increase market share globally and establish a platform that will provide for sustained long-term revenue growth with maximized payloads.
Jubilee Logistics & Warehousing offers secure warehousing and distribution services out of its New York location. 

Warehouse Services
Our warehouse services include safe and secure storage for your products in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. We are a bonded warehouse located in a foreign trade zone (FTZ) and are HazMat material certified. Combine this with our value added services and we are able to meet the storage, distribution, logistics, freight shipping and receiving requirements of a variety of customers.

Logistics and Distribution
Logistics is not just part of our name, it is our specialty! Our processes ensure precise verification during the receiving of your products. We can then handle your fulfillment services (such as ecommerce order fulfillment) using FIFO (First In, First Out) or LIFO (Last In, First Out) shipments of goods. Contact us about your needs and we can tailor our process to your unique business needs.

Precise Inventory Control
Our warehousing, distribution and shipping services are based on the Principals of Lean Manufacturing resulting in precise inventory management and control.

Jubilee Logistics & Warehousing is located in USA, NY is part of the Capital Region of New York. This makes us the perfect location for your warehousing and distribution needs.
But, if another location works better for your business we have the ability to open and service pop-up “hubs” off site. We can work with you to take over the complete inventory management (receiving/release of goods/returns, etc.) or cross docking services for your special projects or needs.

Jubilee Logistics and Warehousing Services
Jubilee offers warehousing options to accommodate your varied and changing storage needs: Dynamic and Static. Equally safe, secure and both under 24-hour surveillance, we can store just about anything including:

  • Trade convention materials and business presentations
  • Legal documents
  • Projects, documents, office supplies and equipment
  • Set designs, props and decorations
  • Construction materials
  • Back inventory

Dynamic Perfect for the “just in time” delivery of your quick turnover stock. With room for logistical event staging, our prime midtown location provides for your most immediate needs. 

Static Our secure offsite space in USA, New York can provide an alternative for long term storage. Jubilee Logistics can also “toggle” your turnover stock between New York and the long term space providing a cold storage price for your hottest inventory! 

Warehouse hours are Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM. Deliveries can be accepted at other times with prior arrangements. 

Logistics & Inventory Management Keep your products, documents and materials flowing smoothly and economically through your warehouse, storage and logistics channels while keeping your customers satisfied.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Distribution
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Marketing Distribution

Distribution Logistics – The Solution for Small Offices For businesses operating out of a small office, we can receive, sort and deliver anything coming in from out of state so it never has to come through your office. Saving you time, money and space. 

Temp Help – Saving You Valuable Time We’ll save you time by taking care of any time consuming errands or tasks you need completed, whether it be filing, sign installation, dog-walking, mail room staffing or even standing in line.

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